Now that’s a better blog birthday title, as opposed to my first one, One.

It’s 11:05 PM as I type this, and I really had a LOOOONG day (or week, doesn’t matter). On my way home tonight, I was thinking what I should write for my blog’s second birthday. I didn’t know I’d actually stick by this one, more so, that I’d actually find myself enjoying writing through it. If you overlook half of my posts–which may have been written with an unforgiving heart–I hope you’d see that in here (at least in my opinion) I tried my best to be as honest and as real as I can.

Today, while at church, I was browsing through my sermon notes when I saw this article written by Ashley Mackenzie, entitled Date a Girl Who Loves Jesus. I wrote it there as a reminder that I’m not just any girl, but I’m God’s precious daughter, and as such, my heart is precious as well. If anyone ever, even for a moment, attempt to mess with it, they would have to be accountable to my Father up there.

As I read it again, I was surprised because the words were so much more alive than the first time I read and wrote it down. (If I boast, I boast in the Lord). So much can really happen in a year, in that, what before was like this…

I want to be like the girl described in this article!!!

…now happens to be like this:

Thank God I’m becoming somewhat like the girl described in this article–and I don’t even want anyone to date me yet!

Since July 2, 2011, so much has happened:

I passed my undergraduate thesis paper alongside my two best friends, Pia and Elcee.

Started writing for a website which I really see myself working for in the near future.

Wrote a sincere letter for my 2012 self (that is, me as of today).

Went to a life-changing immersion.

Embraced spontaneity by going to Intramuros during Chinese New Year’s with Kai, Jem and Janna

and that Clark weekend trip with a few GUIDON people

Went to a Silent Retreat for no other reason but to seek God alone...

…and made a music video with some of the best people I met in college.

Finally went to a block trip in Tagaytay.

Received no blue rose but gave mine to the one who most deserved it.

Sang a few Rainie Yang songs on karaoke during Red Box day with Kai, Mayel, Jem and Jose.

Graduated, finally, from college.

Went to a spontaneous Holy Week roadtrip with my family.

Got employed.

And finally, went to a sleepover with Mayel and Kai.


The Lord has really been so good to me for the past year. Truly, He gives and takes away, and whatever He takes away, He takes away for our good. And this lesson, I would not have learned had I not gone through the year that has passed.

But I will no longer dwell on past victories. My heart is really full of excitement for what’s yet to come and what’s in store for me for this coming year. So much more can still happen, and I thank God for using this blog as a reminder to myself: when times are rough, all I need to do is browse through this blog to see that the Lord had not for once left my side. He fought for my heart, and He fought for me. He broke me in the process, but what came out is a heart of diamond. A heart that longs for no one else but Him.

Because even though no one decides to marry me in the future, that’s alright; after all, before I even tried working hard to better myself, God already loved me with an everlasting love.

And I cannot reiterate it any more: That is more than enough.


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