To the girl who stole my Wicked Oreos

Because I say ‘THAT’S SO TRUE’ to everything that has been written here by Kai (except that Faura benches talk–ANO YUN). Also, that I haven’t felt Mayel yet since that phone call yesterday morning. Nawawala na kaya siya? Bilis naman.

Nothing fancy

You know who you are.

Don’t give me that guilty, I’m-trying-to-look-innocent-and-pacute smile you always do when a) you’re late, b) you don’t show up, or c) you’re trying to sneakily steal some food while your target/victim is looking in the other direction.

I know your tricks, and you can’t fool me any more. I know now that to leave my food unguarded and unprotected for even a split second is tempting fate. I know that when you pretend to be interested and ask me questions, your hand is casually reaching across the table and grabbing whatever can be eaten. And I know that within a matter of minutes, you’d have already eaten and drank your breakfast/lunch/dinner from whatever plate is nearby, regardless of who owns it.

I learned this the hard way when you stole Wicked Oreos from Jee and me, to which my first reaction was: HDU MY…

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