PHOTODUMP: Say hello to my workplace!

I think I haven’t shown you guys around my workplace yet, right? Today I felt like bringing my camera to work, and here are some of the pictures I took in between classes!

Welcome to First Year Matthew (my advisory class)!

My classroom theme? Minimalist. 

Our class verse! Which apparently is the same with First Year Mark. Only, ours include the name of Jesus in it! By the way, all the classroom decorations were prepared by me (with the help of my cousin and the youth from Langgam, that is!). There’s this contest going on for the best classroom decorations, and I know I don’t even stand a chance. But to be honest? I like the color combinations of my decorations. They’re all so pleasing to the eyes!

Some rules

Back in my high school days, we didn’t have these passes. But I find these very clever because whoever’s not wearing them while classes are going on may be considered cutting classes. No more excuses for anyone to loiter around school!

I have yet to add our class’ Ten Rules here, five of which came from me, and the other five, from my class

Instead of cutting ribbons, flowers and butterflies, and posting them up in my room, I opted to go for convenience, necessity, and importance. So I bought this big cork sheet, cut it in parts, and hung them up on our wall with labels:

Hear Ye is for the announcements.

The Prayer Wall has not been posted with since first day–that is, until this week. I only got to look at it as I took this photo, and turns out it was my co-teacher Ms. Ahyie who posted this verse.

A closer look and you’ll see this beautiful verse from Matthew:

Beautiful verse. Thanks Ms. Ahyie! 🙂

This one’s for the birthday celebrants. I plan to add them all in Facebook, edit their photos and post them here on the day of their birthday. I need to practice on my editing!

This one’s reminiscent of college oral examination sign-ups. I wanted them to be responsible young teenagers, so what I did was post a sign-up sheet, have them write their names on the day they prefer to clean the room, and expect them to actually clean. So far it’s working!

Now here’s a favorite decoration of mine: Freedom Wall!

I allow them to speak their mind here, given they do not abuse the freedom. At the end of every day, we read whatever has been posted here and share it to the class. Here’s what I wrote for them earlier this week:

I like the Facebook references made by my students =)) (Pero bakit may report…)

Typography by Lana Wynne. It’s some sort of motivation for the students 🙂

Officers! Posted their nicknames instead since we all know each other already 🙂

That’s my room! Now on to the other photos I took that day! For yesterday’s lesson on the introduction to journalism, I asked the most talented artists in every class to draw a journalist according to the description of the rest of their classmates.

The look of a journalist, according to First Year Matthew

First Year Mark’s journalist. It took the student 20 or so minutes to draw this!


Two of my students

CAT! When I was in highschool, we only practiced all these formations during the fourth quarter. Lucky, this batch!

What my desk looks like!

Chen Bao Zhu! 🙂 (Kamukha ko raw sabi ng isa kong co-teacher. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN)

Lately I’ve been having this desire to write more. Teaching Journalism and Speech is very fun, but as my professor said, I have to keep writing. If not formal articles yet, then I’ll have to keep writing for this blog, at least. So maybe you’d get weekly updates about my work here, in addition to my weekly specials (Smiles and Promises, MV of the Week).

I’m really grateful for this season in my life. It’s both humbling and eye-opening. The Lord is teaching me not to rely on my strength and abilities alone. He’s reminding me that I have Him, and as the song says, strength arise as we wait upon the Lord.

I will wait upon the Lord. He has placed me in a position of power. And as the only Spiderman for me, Tobey Maguire, said in the first movie: With great power comes great responsibility.

Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Peter Parker


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    • Of course! Freedom is not something conditional. Dapat freedom is an immediate choice. Only when freedom is abused should law come into order (kunwari naiintindihan ko sinasabi ko…) =))

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