To Mayel,

Disclaimer: I wrote this last Tuesday, when I thought Mayel would be leaving the day after. But apparently, tomorrow’s her OFFICIAL final-na-talaga-‘to-promise flight, so I delayed the posting ’til 6:42 PM of tonight. I’m not sure what time her flight will be tomorrow, but, you get it. 😛

As I begin typing this (6:42 PM), you’re just 15 hours away from leaving. That’s 15 hours away from confusing timezone differences, 15 hours away from arriving in a land where the cow-human ratio is rather funny, and 15 hours away from independence.

Have I told you? That I’m proud of you?

If not, then here you go. Here is that pat in the back which says “Hey, you’ll be fine.” You might go crazy figuring out which you should prioritize–food or food?–but you’ll be fine. You might find yourself getting lost more often than you used to back home, but you’ll be fine. And it might get lonely for you–maybe, maybe not–but you’ll be fine.

Because your stature may fool a lot of people into thinking that you’re still a little girl (although, really, who can blame them?), but not me. For the last two years, I was blessed to have known so much about you. And I know you’re that small girl with a big, big heart. A heart that is in search, always, for an adventure. A heart that is always willing to go the extra mile just for others. A heart that has braved every heartbreak and confusion with a smile.

And sometimes, I find it funny that I’m such a big crybaby, but you’re not. You’ve gone through a lot but not once have I seen you get depressed and defeated over any of them. That, Mayel, is your beauty: your strength. And you have no idea how that strength of yours brought me through my college life’s toughest times.

I remember that one time, during our Philippine Cinema class, when instead of sitting beside someone else, I sat beside you. And even before the opening scenes started rolling, I was already in tears. You offered me a tissue paper, then two, then you brought the whole box out of your bag and handed it over to me. You were just there–no questions, no unwarranted advice. Even as I stormed out of the room, you understood. And that’s all I needed.


Your strength will take you places, and such strength is a rarity. So, I say confidently that you’ll be fine, because I know how strong you are. It outshines all the worries in your heart right now. It outshines any doubt or fear. You’ll be fine, Mayel, because there’s nothing that you cannot do, what with a strength like yours.

Now to the lighter part of this sending-off entry: You have no idea how happy I was when I knew you also liked Rainie Yang. You were the first Atenean I met who adores her the same way I do. But to my dismay, you had to like her with Ken Zhu…I mean, who likes her with Ken Zhu?!

But because this entry should be about you, and I have never given you enough chances to fangirl about your Rainie-Ken love, then this entry is that once-in-a-lifetime chance. For once, I’m indulging you (all photos from the internet!) 😀

(Pero syempre ’til the very end ‘di kita pananalunin. Here’s a dealbreaker video, where they call each other brother and sister!!! Sa akin ang huling halakhak!!!)

Recently I’ve read this very timely entry by Isa Garcia. It’s about people leaving, and how one’s response should be in the face of getting left behind. Here’s a chunk-full of quote that says a lot about us right now:

“I’m starting to believe that it’s unhealthy to take leaving against one another.

Because leaving does not always mean betrayal. And I think that, sometimes, we’re not particularly afraid of losing people. What we’re really afraid of is having to learn to do life without them. Because, ultimately, we are creatures  of habit and comfort.

So when people leave, I’ve learned the secret: let them. Because, most of the time, they have to.

And, yes. One day, a great person just might leave you.

But our lives are made of revolving doors and for every person who leaves, a new person enters. Not as a replacement but as a completely new character in the ever-evolving story of your life.

When you leave, you begin to understand the worth of what you walked away from. You discover that walking out is not always equivalent to closing doors. Sometimes it means leaving them half-open for the journey back. It is not a virtue possessed by the easily contented. It has always been the beaten down path of the brave (emphasis added).”

Yes, a great person will be leaving me 14 hours from now (7:52 in my clock). But as she leaves, she proves that she has chosen to take “the beaten down path of the brave”. And I believe that her life from tomorrow on out will be telltales of bravery and leaps of faith. She will shine, without a doubt. And she will be back , burning brightly.

…Because I’m not really used to serious talks when it’s you and me, Mayel, tatapusin ko ‘to ng punong-puno ng kajologsan. Because Kai, you and I are all jeje at heart, and that’s one of the many things I’ll miss while you’re away. >:))

– ag-ingat ka dun!!!

A – lalahanin: sophisticated attire at all times. Para hindi ka mapag-kamalang 12 year old.

– ou must go online frequently. The best friends you’re leaving behind are rather clingy.

– at in moderation. (Sana magawa mo ‘to haha)

L – astly, do not forget our bet. Mag-ipon na for my free Batanes trip with you and Kai, hopefully! 😀

Kala mo ‘di ‘to makakalabas ha! Where’s the fun in that? =))

‘Til we see each other again. I love you, Mayel! >:D<


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