Skype and Gong Yoo

I was texting Pia almost the whole day yesterday when I asked her whether she’d be available for online chat instead, since my unlimited text subscription already expired. To my surprise, she was on her way to Marlo’s for a sleepover! Imagine how jealous I was! I mean, when was the last time I visited the Full of Sunshine Pension? It’s been way too long for my heart to take (AY EXAGG)!

(What if we did all these sleepovers and drama-watching during college? Baka sobrang baba na ng mga grades namin? Haha)

Anyway, so I had a random idea: since Big’s Episode 8 was scheduled to have English subs later that night, I thought of watching it together with the two of them over Skype. But what I thought was just a silly suggestion of mine actually pushed through! Within an hour and after much effort to make Facebook video chat work, we finally got to video chat over Skype!

Blurred but I sort of like how I look here hehehe

Minutes later, we were already watching Gong Yoo, err, Big!

They were asking me to lean…kaya pala! Gong Yoo!

Watching Big together and hearing each other’s reactions = the best!

We had technical difficulties along the way, but ’twas all good!

Because the Internet was going crazy, we decided to settle for phone call for the second half of the episode. At least we were able to concentrate on the show, yet still hear each other’s reactions!

After getting shocked with the episode’s ending, and coming up with theories on the body swap and who Gil Teacher (Jee Teacher hihi) will end up with, Marlo and Pia began goofing off with Skype’s smileys. They were imitating the smileys, so I was in a printscreen frenzy!

One of the many imitations!

Bbuing bbuing! :>

But of course, what’s all the fun for if we’re missing a member? So we decided to bring Joanne along:

You’re always in our hearts, Jo. OOVOO!

And when they were about to head out for dinner (at 10 PM! Sorry girls) I asked them to take their final bows.

Hahaha look at me bowing and still stretching my other hand to press the printscreen button =))

What a great night ’twas! To go home from a long day of work and to be able to (1) watch Big and (2) see these beautiful faces are blessings I’ll never stop thanking God for. I’m a simple person and I’m fairly easy to please. And yes, a simple Skype date like that really gave me the boost I needed for the remaining work days of the week.

I can’t wait for Pia and I’s double birthday celebration with Marlo and Joanne on August! I really miss these girls so much, and although we all started our little fangirl group a tad bit too late (the last month of college), I’m still glad we get to bond more despite the distance.

Because true friendship transcends technical difficulties and slow-buffering online videos. :>


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