For when I ask myself why I got fat in college, I have this post by Ceej to remind me. =))

Pushy For Sushi

Depending on how lucky you are with your school’s food choices, you either love eating in school or hate it with a burning passion. One of the things I liked most (and currently miss) about Ateneo life is how many choices one gets in terms of food.

There’s the ISO Caf near the isolated Bellarmine Hall for cheap, home-style meals. You could get rice, meat, veggies, dessert and unlimited helpings of free soup for under P100. After PE classes, students often pass by Manang’s outside the covered courts for homemade fuel for the rest of the day.

There’s the Gonzaga Cafeteria for stuff on the go. Lots of people complain about it being crowded, noisy and full of freshmen playing cards, but I like it there. There’s Filipino food, a Korean stall (Melona ice cream!), and a place that sells candy, potato chips and prepaid cards for your cellphones. If…

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