The Gong Yoo love is back

and is here to stay ’til the Hong Sisters’ latest drama, Big, ends. I have only seen six episodes, but already I know this would be my second–if not my most–favorite Hong Sisters drama (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is still numero uno, but I can’t talk with finality yet, can I?)

There’s just so much going on in the drama that hits the right spots for me. One, the writers decided to cut down on the metaphors. I remember watching Best Love earlier this year and getting so sick of the exaggerated, overused, and over-the-top metaphors. It’s so meta, it’s not even funny anymore. But in Big they went into a totally different direction, although you can’t miss out on the same humor that was seen in their previous works.

Two, the tone is much more refreshing–very natural, very realistic. The funny’s still there, but it has been toned down a whole lot so we can focus more on the development of the story, which is actually the very heart of this drama. There is so much depth and life in each main characters’ background stories that missing the little details because of the comedy would be a waste.

Three, Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung’s acting just takes my breath away. At first, I wasn’t even willing to watch another episode after watching the pilot. Gong Yoo felt stiff, Lee Min Jung felt really fake and vulnerable, and together it just didn’t feel right at all. But after forcing myself to watch the second episode, I found myself not wanting to stop watching anymore. When the body swap finally happened, the Gong Yoo I loved because of Coffee Prince just came back to life. And who knew that’s all it took for Lee Min Jung to catch my attention as well? Whenever I’d read praises on her acting, I’d shrug them all off–after all, wasn’t she just a side character in Boys Over Flowers? But Big opened my eyes to how wrong I was. She IS good in acting. And she can prove it if you still have doubts.

I could go on and on and on about my first impressions on Big, but it’s already past 1 AM and I should already be sleeping soundly now. However, if all that has been written up there haven’t convinced you yet, then let’s put all these in a simpler sentence:

Watch Big because it has Gong Yoo in it, and Gong Yoo is ❤

Photo c/o Dramabeans | The Gong Yoo stare



2 thoughts on “The Gong Yoo love is back

  1. maganda talaga ha bechay? :)) nag stop din ako after episode 1! nainis kasi ako parang inuunder lang siya nung estudyante niyang galing states. hahaha! at parang di pa ata matutuloy kasal nila?

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