1. If by some weird twist of fate, you find yourself reading this, then let me tell you a big secret I’ve been keeping from you, something I’m only saying now because it doesn’t matter anymore anyway: I actually already knew that you gave me THAT. I feigned ignorance since I thought that’s what you wanted to do–surprise me. And it was what the moment called for, that fateful day of November 20, 2010 🙂

2. I don’t like what you did back there. Clearly I was pissed off, and when I’m pissed off, it really shows (people asked me if I was okay). Do not ever blame anyone for your shortcomings.

3. I know how much your trying your best to appear unaffected and okay, but you really don’t have to do that–at least not with me. Not only do I know the feeling as I was there once, but I was at least your best friend before. And although things can never go back the way they used to be, I’m really the last person you should play pretend with. Because my heart hurts whenever I think that you replaced me for something that won’t stay for long anyway. So at least be truly okay. I think you owe me that.

4. I know you’re good–you’ve made that clear from Day 1–but can you please stop showing off? Two things: one, you easily distract me, and two, I’m starting to think you’re all talent, no anointing. And who am I to judge right? But that’s my impression of you. I really, really hope you change my mind.

5. Please prove me wrong, because I’m starting to think you’re going back to the way you used to be. And you promised you’d change, remember?

6. Your violent reaction caught me off-guard. You did not react that way when I was the one going through a rough time. Yes, your reaction tells me who’s more important than who. And I won’t waste your time if such is the case.

7. I’ll miss you. You’re still like a little girl, but God knows how your presence got me through tough times. And it won’t be the same knowing you’d be a continent away. I pray that this season will be that of maturity and responsibility for you. I have never doubted that you’d do great things. I’m proud to call you my best friend 🙂


2 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. Yay! Nakakapag-comment na ‘ko. Bilang marami akong na-miss na blog posts mo, I just picked one randomly. And it confused me. >_< Hahaha. What is this about, ate? :))

    • 😀 I had a rough day when I wrote this down in my phone so I was just really letting the bad vibes out. These are messages I wanted to tell people that day but couldn’t because 1. I’m not that brave and 2. Sometimes there are things better left unsaid 🙂 (but then again, sinabi ko rin naman…pero ‘di sa tao haha)

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