Smiles and Promises XXXII

Isinayaw ni Mama si Papa hehe

This week’s highlight could’ve been my first week at work, but after last night, I’m convinced my dad’s surprise 50th birthday party really made this week a memorable one.

Because as we were celebrating, and as dad’s friends were talking about him, I got teary-eyed: God has been and will continue to be faithful in his life, and He has blessed him by surrounding him with people who appreciate and honor him and his faithfulness in working for the Lord.

All those who spoke highly of him last night can attest to the fact that my dad really has a way of comforting people and making them realize their worth and potential. I know how true that is in my life because his wisdom really got me through tough times and moments when I have to decide for myself.

I’m really, really blessed because he is my dad, and I know that the Lord has a great purpose for his life. My dad is one living testimony that the love of the Lord can change a person from the inside out, and He can do anything through us if we’re willing to say yes and amen.

Here are some photos from last night’s party!

Birthday boys blowing their candles

Tito May’s speech for Papa. At one point, Pa got a bit teary-eyed. ❤

Tito Lyndon, who is in the US, recorded this video for Papa’s birthday 🙂

Father and son

A photo of me featuring Dwight and Selle

A photo of me featuring the jaboom twins…este….Betsy and Tin

BIRTHDAY KO?! A photo of me featuring Hannah

A photo of me featuring Ilka

Mom and Dad (look he’s beaming!) :”>

Diego’s troll face

Tito Manny praying over Papa and Tito Resty

Group pic!



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