I (Will) Hate Rice

Photo from the internet

Since I entered college, I’ve always wanted to lose weight. It’s not because I think I’m less beautiful with all the college weight I gained, but because I really want to stay fit and healthy.

After my father’s 50th birthday celebration last night (which I will blog in a while…), I’ve decided to stop eating rice from today ’til I go down to 57 kg. My current weight, according to my medical examination two weeks ago, is 69.8 kg–a number I’ve never reached before even when I had all the baby fats in the world.

So here’s the battleplan (and I really really intend to do all these this time around: I won’t eat rice from today onwards, walk as often as I can, drink lots of water (especially before meals) and coffee (1-2 cups a day). I’ll eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and try to stay away from junk foods and fast foods as much as possible.

It’s really hard to start a habit, but this I gotta do if I want to live longer, and live healthier. I can’t compromise my health if I’m going to be a teacher (short term), and a journalist (long term) who’s gonna be doing a lot of running in the near future.


I’m glad today I got to shed a few pounds by running with my co-teachers at Southwoods for Pastor Leleng’s birthday:

With Hannah and Iana | Photo c/o Ms. Ancheta

Jee in Action | Photo c/o Ms. Ancheta

Here’s to staying fit and healthy!

(And yeahp, so far I haven’t eaten rice yet. Yey me!)


2 thoughts on “I (Will) Hate Rice

  1. Go Jee! Interval training ang sikreto teh. Short bursts of high speed running (30 seconds to 1 minute) in between 1-2min walking periods :> Eat more protein instead of carbohydrates too 🙂 (syempre nag-research pa ko para sayo)

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