First Day High

No this ain’t about the movie

Today was my first day of high school…I mean, working for my high school. For those who don’t know yet, just a quick update: I applied for, and got accepted in, a teaching position in my high school, Amazing Grace School last April. Today marks my official first day, and boy was it great!

Because for starters, I got to time in and time out, and do it as if it’s the most fulfilling mundane task in the world (and in a way maybe it is). I also began my first day with a morning devotion (praise&worship plus the Word) with my co-teachers. How many workplaces in the Philippines, nay, in the world, begin their day by spending time at the feet of Jesus? Best. Feeling. Ever.

And it gets better because–get this–the first thing we did during the orientation was share the Gospel to the new teachers who have yet to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior (most of them did! Praise the Lord!). If you don’t think that’s great then I don’t even know what great means anymore!

During the orientation, we were asked to share to the rest of the group that one educator (teacher or professor) who influenced our lives the most. I shared Bobby Guev’s humility, and how his big, big heart made God’s love very real and tangible and graspable to me (and that story about him living among the poor during his first few years teaching Liberation Theology? Classic).

I also talked about my third year high school adviser, Tr. Jovert Tanote. He was, for me, the most memorable adviser I’ve had EVER (because there’s no such thing as homeroom adviser in college, yeah). He was a best friend (I remember him teasing me to a crush during card giving. Card giving!) and a father. He was also one of my two greatest inspirations for pursuing journalism in college (the other was, of course, Ms. K-Ann Bien!). They believed in me: they gave me the highest position in the school paper even if I was only a junior.

I hope I’m making all three of them proud right now. 🙂

At the latter part of the day, the “durable teachers” (because they don’t want to be called old haha) were given a little activity by Ma’am Bien: they were given three strips of colored paper with incomplete phrases written in them, and they were instructed to give one to a new teacher who they think the phrase applies to the most.

The blue one reads: I’m impressed by your ____.
The white one reads: I want to know you better ____.
The yellow one reads (but this I’m not sure of, and I’ll tell you why in a while): I’d like to help you with ____.

After the activity, I got a lot of blue and white ones, but no yellow ones 😦  Here are the best comments I got for each category:

I’m impressed by your dedication to teach (choosing AGS to share your expertise)

Tr. Grace Ente, my grade school teacher

I want to know you better ‘bcoz mukha kang masungit (smiley) pero mukhang cool

Sir Manwell 

(hello Kai your prediction was right they thought I was masungit! I’d like to get this out once and for all:  tingin nyo lang yun promise! Once you really get to know me you’ll know I’m FAAAAAAAR from masungit hehe pero thanks for affirming me with regards to coolness; I’ve waited since 6th Grade to be called cool hahaha)

Today was so great I hardly looked at my phone’s clock. And after all is said and done, I realized what I should do so that I can always look forward to the school year that is ahead of me: everyday I am resolved to find something new to be excited about. For tomorrow, it’s anticipating the morning devotion, the white color coding, and possibly aerobics after work.

Thank You Lord. Because of You, I am excited to wake up and go to work and meet new people and learn and be learned from. 🙂

I’m ending this entry with a few photos taken with my temporary phone!

Hi Marlo! Look, Mr. P congratulated me for my first day! 🙂

Uh-huh. This is SO happening. Legit!

This shot is creepy, but then again, seeing a plastic baby in my temporary desk is sort of creepy too.


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