Because sometimes words aren’t enough…

…I decided to drag my brother for this year’s celebration of Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day, Mama! You know we all love you (Kuya, Papa and I), and we have our entire lifetimes to make you feel that πŸ™‚

Yes, my brother looks a lot like Mama. As for me? He said I look like neither my Papa or Mama. Maybe the story they used to tell me when I was younger—that I was found in carabao dung–has some truth to it after all…

But then again, this post is not about me, so I’ll talk about my very colorful childhood in another entry. For now, world, here’s my very beautiful mom who doesn’t look like she aged one bit!

Love you Ma! πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Because sometimes words aren’t enough…

  1. oy, you look like your mama kaya dun sa second picture. πŸ˜› hahaha and yes, tawang-tawa na naman ako kay kuya bj. hanggang instagram nakakarating tong mga pictures nato ah! :)) di ko kinakaya! HAHAHA

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