MV of the Week: I Won’t Give Up

Photo from the internet

So today marks the day I began practicing for that spontaneous birthday gift I promised my good friend Jose Cua. I still ask what I got myself into (to which he answered: into a beautiful promise), but because I want to keep my word, better make the fall worth it (ANO RAW).

But I’m enjoying discovering Jason Mraz’s music, actually. I think I’m really a supeeeeeeeeer late bloomer when it comes to music (I only “discovered” John Mayer summer last year), but you know what they say: It’s better late than never.

And his vocals are cray-cray (always wanted to use that slang haha). I mean, have you heard him sing? Not to mention the way he plays the guitar! (I think I’m eternally attracted to guys who play the guitar…CHOS)

I CAN WATCH THAT VIDEO UP THERE OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!! I think I’m in love. Haha! If you sum up my life in songs, John Mayer is for whenever I’m feeling really down and out, and Jason Mraz is for days like these, days when I feel so good, so alive, and so good to be alive.

Yes, I won’t worry my life away 🙂


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