MV of the Week: Why Why Love

This week I watched a lot of old clips of Taiwanese variety shows that featured the trio cast of Why Why Love: Rainie Yang, Kingone Wang, and Mike He. They guested at a lot of shows to promote their idol drama back then, and I loved how hilarious they were when together, may it be on the shooting set of the drama itself, or while promotions.

I like how their relationships with each other have grown after shooting two dramas. Later on Mike would consider Rainie as a family member (which may be the reason why they will never like or date each other–sorry RM fans), and Kingone, while he would visit Rainie on her tapings, would only consider her as a sister too.

But because the sister-brother relationship can evolve into something else (example: Barbie Hsu and Vic Zhou haha), I’m kind of hoping Rainie would end up with Kingone in real life.

But for now, all I wish for is that the three of them would collaborate again in the near future. I’m sure a lot of their fans are waiting for that momentous day to come. Just the thought of it excites me!!!

So for a change, this week’s MV is not from Rainie, but from Kingone, who also sang a few songs that were part of the drama’s OST. Here’s Kingone with the song (which coincidentally, is also the title of their drama), Why Why Love. 



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