PHOTODUMP: CRC Family Day ’12

I was water baptized on December 27, 2006, during the second installation of a three-part youth camp called Training for Reigning. I think I was baptized years before that even, but back then I didn’t understand what the baptismal stands for. But in this picture, I knew what I was doing, and although years after that momentous day were not smooth-sailing, I knew in myself that I’ve been changed so much from that day onwards.

Yesterday I witnessed some of my favorite people die to themselves, only to be resurrected in Christ. What a glorious day ’twas!

Water baptism was just one part of the entire day’s itinerary. Basically, it was our church’s summer outing, and what do you do during an outing? You swim, eat, swim, eat, and get darker. Fun fun fun day! I got sore all over after the day, but will I do it again in a heartbeat? Sure I will!

The place. View from the treehouse.

I don’t even know what they’re doing =)) Diego, Ken and Brer

I rarely wear shades because I always wear glasses, but that day the sun was up and bright in the morning.

Because I can’t choose between this and the first one, there, have both =))

Ako raw nakasulit ng slide na ‘to. I say, NO REGRETS JUST SLIDE

Parang labag sa puso ni Boaz na mag-pose kasama ako. CRC’s cutest kid!

Ako ulit nasa gitna =)) With Ate Lysh and Ilka!

Only my CRC Family can make a simple activity as swimming the most fun and tiring thing I can do over and over again ❤


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