MV of the Week: Youth Bucket

During my sleepover with God’s Girls earlier this week, Kate and I watched clips of Show Luo teaching Rainie Yang new dance steps to her song, Youth Bucket, from the Rainie & Love album.

(Yes, I can’t quite get over the Rainie-Show love. I was actually tempted to repost Wang Jian Wang again for MV of the Week hahahahaha)

Here’s the 100% Entertainment Clip (told you she’s a regular in his show):

And if you compare Show’s moves to the original dance steps, you’d actually give it to him: his angas to call himself Dancing Queen is justified by how professional those moves look (but, you know, this ain’t coming from a pro dancer, so don’t take my word for it…at least in my part I know it takes a lot for a dancer to actually wow me)

I think Kate practiced Show’s steps once she got home (she’s a huge fan of Show), but I can’t dance to save my life. So, without further ado, let my alter ego dance for you instead.


Here’s Rainie Yang’s music video of the catchy tune that made watching Hi! My Sweetheart all the more fun and enjoyable!


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