MV of the Week: When the Queen Meets the King

So lately I’ve been busy (busy daw saang banda Jee haha) watching Joo Ji Hoon, Uhm Tae Woong and Shin Min Ah in this very serious, revenge-themed thriller The Devil (dun naman pala busy haha). I’m having a hard time getting excited with it because it’s really a serious drama from start to finish, and there’s hardly any kilig scenes between the leads. All I get are meaningful stares from afar, and almost-holding hands. These guys should seriously get a life–I mean, why so serious?

I kid, though. If you’re not familiar with this drama, think City Hunter (but then again, at least City Hunter’s way cuter). I like how the story goes though: Joo Ji Hoon plays Jung Tae Seung, the brother of the man whom Kang Oh Soo (Uhm Tae Woong) accidentally killed back in high school. He takes another man’s identity–Oh Seung Ha–so he could take revenge. He becomes a lawyer who defends the individuals whom he secretly uses to do the dirty works for him: killing those related to the death of his brother. He uses Seo Hae In (Shin Min Ah) to lead Oh Soo to him thru tarot cards.

ANYWAY, this post is really not for that drama. I was just sharing to you guys what I’ve been ~busy~ with lately 😛 Here’s another blog feature: Music Videos! (And yes, feel na feel ko namang may nagbabasa ng blog ko kahit wala haha).

This catchy song has been stuck in my head since I heard it. I came across this song while I was searching for english subtitles of Rainie Yang and Show Luo’s new collaboration, a made-for-TV movie to promote Australia to Chinese tourists.

Weeks ago I was watching Rainie’s most recent guesting in 100% Entertainment, the show that Show (see what I did thereeee) hosts alongside Rainie’s ex, Alien Huang. Rainie is a regular guest in that show, and has practically promoted every drama/movie/album she has done in the past there.

In that episode, Rainie was promoting her 2011 album, Longing For. Some of its tracks were featured in her 2011 drama with Joseph Chang, Love You. But because she collaborated with Show in Hi! My Sweetheart (HMS), and even sang a duet for her Rainie Love album (In Your Eyes), Show would always insert every now and then how Rainie’s best drama is HMS, even mentioning how she won a Golden Bell Award for her performance in it.

I observed how aloof Rainie was to him during that time, and this could be because Show’s stirring the subject away from her latest album to her collaboration with him (which actually defeats the purpose of her promoting her album in the first place). But still, after they reconciled (they had a misunderstanding in the past), I’ve always thought that they were really good friends, so much so that they could joke around each other and not mind.

Maybe Rainie’s really just serious and strict when it comes to her career. If she came to that show to promote her album, then that should be the topic, and not her previous accomplishments. Anyway, this over-seriousness got me dismayed over Rainie for a very short while.

UNTIL this made-for-TV movie collaboration, and I love her again (see, bias is written all over this entry!). I agree with what Koala said: Rainie really has chemistry with any of her leading men. Of course my utmost favorite pairing is the Rainie-Mike He one, but the Rainie-Show Luo tandem is a close second.

Last point before I finally post the actual music video here hahah! I like how she has been good friends with all her leading men. Tells me a lot about her work ethics, and how professional she really is in her endeavor. Cheers, Rainie! I’ll forever be your number one Ateneo fan (para mas specific na at sure na akong walang aagaw sa title haha).

And here’s the music video. It’s very fun and upbeat, and I like how cute the two are in here. I can imagine the behind-the-scenes and how fun it must have been for Rainie and Show. Yes, I like Rainie with Mike most, but they’re never this cute offstage/off-cam!


I know now what I like to have: guy friends like Show. Fun to be around with, but serious about their business. And someone who really cares for you. SHOCKS okay I’m stopping here sorry I’m blabbing too much!!!


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