A Season of Faithfulness

And just like that, a new chapter in my life began. Thank You, Lord. You rock! (Yes this is my speechless self…speaking)

The night before, while preparing 🙂 | Yes I'm overusing PhotoStudio PRO

The afternoon...after. THE CHEEKS. THE HAIR. But this is my genuinely happy (and vain) face

And while the principal talked to me, I left my phone with my brother. This was the wallpaper:

Lee Min Ho, in all his City Hunter glory | Today I rewatched some Boys Over Flowers scenes and can I just say why were they hiding THIS face behind THAT UNRULY HAIR?!

And then when I came back, I saw this:

Ang aking supportive brother. Sabi ng mga teacher di daw ako maligawan dahil sa kanya. Nagpakilala tuloy sa akin ng isa sa faculty. Lol

I’m just so happy right now, but what made me happier was the immense support I got from friends and family. I feel so loved and blessed right now that–fine, Brer–no one’s going to ruin my parade (wrong saying intended).

Twitter love ❤

Not to mention Facebook messages, prayer promises, and text messages.

I guess one of the most important thing I’ve learned through this experience is this: Surround yourself with people who believe in you.

But really, who am I? All I know is that I have a great God who always, always backs me up :>


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