BREATHER: Outbreak Manila

So I just finished writing my lesson plan. Crazy how long it takes to write one of those, and hello, if ever I get in I’d be writing lesson plans A LOT. Better get used to it I guess.

Before I actually practice/prepare/pray I don’t stutter or blank out tomorrow, I’m posting photos from when I covered Outbreak Manila for an article. It’s already out, btw, and you can read it HERE.

I also prepared a video that didn’t make the cut, but because I really worked on it and even stayed up ’til 2AM just to upload it, I’m putting it here for all of you!

And of course, pictures!

Thank you Kuya, Clarise, and Papa for coming with me!

Clarise in action haha

Brer with his UP Law friends. Posting this because I really like the colors :>

Glad I was behind the camera and observing instead of running for my life. If I was a participant I know I’d be the first to get wounded and be among the many who’d lose all three flags by the first wave of zombies alone. In my interview with Deb she said she’d be the first to go home if it was a real zombie apocalypse, but Elcee said I’d be eaten by zombies.

I can’t even save myself from falling and getting wounded while just walking–how do you expect me to survive a zombie apocalypse?!


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