Cleaning Day Monday

I’ve always wanted to clean our home here in Laguna but never got the time (because of college) nor the push to do so.

Until today. Although of course it wasn’t the turning-the-place-around kind of cleaning, but we still unearthed some valuable things while cleaning the place. I, for example, came across high school memorabilias: letters, pictures, and other stuff that made my 15 and 16 year old selves very happy, giddy, and inspired. :> :3

Letters, mostly from my bestfriend Paul 🙂

I met Paul in sophomore year–we were classmates, and we instantly became bestfriends that year. But we weren’t classmates anymore come third year, so whenever we’d say something to each other, we’d pass each other letters every now and then, putting the letters in each other’s lockers. Sometimes when the talk is very important he would ask a classmate of mine to ask me to go out and meet him outside. Practically everyone from my Ephesians family knew I was bestfriends with him.

And I’m proud to say we’re still bestfriends ’til now, despite a lot of things that happened all these years–misunderstandings, “break-ups”, distance and just losing contact (and not making an effort to do something about it).

But last January we met again and we talked about life, and what happened to us, and that’s when we got reunited. Last week he sent me this very random, out-of-nowhere sentimental text, and I was really touched. I mean, come on, usually, in friendships, I’m the one who sends those random  messages.

I thank God for a friendship like ours 🙂

Spot the ex….ex-crushes. =))

Few things to point out here:

  • I was so thin!!!
  • I had a lot of boy SPACE friends back then,
  • I was so thin!!!

I also found my old college notebooks. This one’s my CHN1 notebook.

I think I’ll get back to studying Mandarin this summer. Si Mayel kasi, ‘di sinabing mag-minor siya e. (‘Di makaget-over haha)

I’ve always dreamt of my own room. For now, my own desk will do 🙂

I love working on my articles, as well as reading my books and Bible in here. Yes, feel na feel ko. =))

This morning I also woke up to two missed calls. Whenever I would miss calls from anonymous numbers my heart would race because I would always assume  it’s my boss. But when the number finally called a third time and I was able to answer it, it was actually a customer service personnel from Globe! I guess Kuya Jaze reported what happened to me: I lost a hundred peso-worth of load just because I didn’t know you should disable APN when you’re no longer registered to BB Max, and instead, is registered to BB Social.

Long story short: they gave me back my lost load. HOOZAAAAH!


Happy day, all-in-all. 🙂 I’m going to wrap it up by watching a drama episode (or two), and some Bible reading. Tomorrow I’ll work on my demo teaching materials and a requirement that really excites me just by the thought of it. Do pray for me, friends!


6 thoughts on “Cleaning Day Monday

  1. HAHAHAHA! Oi, pang-ilang beses mo na ako sinisisi sa blog mo for not telling you I was getting a minor in Chinese :))

    At, jia you, peng you! >:D<

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