We put the ‘joy’ in Joytrip (Day 3)

Last day of the trip was spent mostly in Quezon, but it was nothing short of beautiful. Although Quezon, compared to Bicol, looks more developed, you don’t have to look hard to see the beauty that attracts many tourists to itself.

First: we attended Easter Sunday in JIA Lopez, Quezon. Because my uncle told the folks there that we’ll be passing by, they invited him to speak during the Sunday service as the preacher as well. Instant guest speaker, check!

We enjoyed a scrumptious lunch afterwards, all thanks to JIA: sinigang, inihaw na isda and crispy pata.

With matching buko!

I have very few decent photographs for this trip because most of the time, I'm the photographer.

With ze brother!

And we’re homebound after lunch. But because Quezon is such a stunner, we stopped over this local beach and, again, had photo ops!


Ain't she just breathtaking? 🙂


And cousins plus the bro in an attempt to perfect the jumpshot!

We were stuck in traffic a little more than four hours on our way back, so it was extra tiring going home. But this trip, overall, is very refreshing and fun, and I’m sure it isn’t the last we’ll be on a joytrip. Next stop: Visayas (or Batanes)!

P.S. Some of you may wonder why the trip is called Joytrip. Well, while my tito was preaching, he shared how our trip was not a roadtrip, nor a joyride, but a joytrip. Later on he defended himself by saying it used to be a title of a travel show on TV, but we love him so it’s all good. Joytrip it is, then!

Here’s to more joytrips!


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