We put the ‘joy’ in Joytrip (Day 2)

Day two started with a little conflict with the place we stayed in. This meme summarizes how that morning went:

Then we headed off to Bulan to get Jollibee breakfast and meet some old churchmates from way back the Jesus is Alive (JIA)–our former church–days.

Parents and their old friends

We then went to Matnog to visit “The Gateway to Visayas and Mindanao.” True enough, when we got there, this sign welcomed us:

So surreal being in that place during that time

The place is also stunning, so of course, photo ops!

Pinsan Pic, the Bicol edition!


Windy day, perfect for kite-flying. Locals told us the next island after Matnog is already Samar


I seem to be fond of photos like this

Because the trip was really more of a joyride than a touristy kind of trip, after taking photos we left and headed back to Sorsogon for lunch, again at the Bendanas.

After lunch they led us to Tito Cris’ hometown in Legazpi, and we passed by another beach and stopped over for more photo ops. I tell you, Bicol is just breathtakingly beautiful! I have yet to travel the whole Philippines, but by far Bicol and Bohol are my two favorite places in here. You don’t even have to try to look for beauty because beauty is everywhere!

Including this girl. One beauty right there! CHOS

Caleb, with Chriselle's lookalike, KickAss...este..JB 🙂 Isn't he the cutest? :>


When we got to Tito Cris’ place, we drank coconut juice from coconuts that were picked fresh from the trees! Yum!

Dad, still playing Snoopy's Street Fair =))

We parted ways with the Bendanas after this quick trip to Legazpi, because we were to set off for Lopez, Quezon to spend the night there at another JIA church. Before we finally left Bicol, I took quick pictures of Mayon. There was no time to stop, so I took this photo from a moving car, with the sun shining brightly for the last time before it hides for the day:


And then we had dinner at Pizza Hut, SM Naga. We arrived in Quezon past midnight, and immediately we called it a night.

Last day of the trip to be posted tomorrow! 🙂


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