We put the ‘joy’ in Joytrip (Day 1)

Meet the Yanga and Geronimo families 🙂

I have always enjoyed family trips along with the Yangas, but our recent trip down South is by far the most memorable one. Not only was it “planned” spontaneously (a week before), but it was also the most unprepared trip most of us have been to. For one, we did not have–let alone reserve beforehand–accommodations. Most of the time during the entire trip, all eight of us were jampacked into a Crosswind, including the baggage. Imagine how sikip it was in the car.

But because our parents were so fond of dubbing that trip as a roadtrip, and we all went out of spontaneity and fun, we still enjoyed the trip. Everyone’s energy to make the most out of it was so contagious. Every hour spent on the road was, for all of us, not a waste of time but an opportunity to savor the beauty of our country.

We left Manila (Laguna) at around 8PM on Maundy Thursday. Because we left at night (plus everyone who wanted to go back to their provinces have already done so by that day), the roads were clear. We breezed through province after province, arriving finally in Sorsogon, Bicol eight of the next morning. That time includes stopovers for toilet breaks, photo ops with Mayon Volcano in Albay, and breakfast at Bigg’s Diner.

Me, after just waking up: Bakit matagtag yung byahe? Kuya: *takes picture* Bastos haha


What was left of Mayon, thanks to the clouds | Photo shot by Kuya

Chicks. JOKE hahaha more like THIGHS =)) | Photo c/o Kuya Mark

Dad, easily reaching what's left of the church

When we reached Sorsogon, we had a quick lunch at the Bendana’s, then headed out again to try a cold spring. When we got there, I was surprised to see the spring was actually at the foot of a volcano. Christian warned us we can’t stay more than 30 minutes dipped in the spring because it’s that cold, but good thing it wasn’t too cold when we went there (noon time) so the cold was bearable.

Everything looks good with Instagram, but minus it we already look good anyway | Photo c/o Ate Lysh

Such chubby cheeks. Why, College, why?! | Photo c/o Kuya Mark

Afterwards we went to visit Tita Arlene’s bahay ng matanda in Casiguran, and chilled out for a little while taking home videos of the trip (which I will add here once I have posted them in my YouTube account!). For now, pictures:

Tin and Kuya Mark

My Kuya is used to automatic so when I gave him the camera on manual I ended up blurry

And then we went off to the opposite of a cold spring–a hot spring (DUH)–for some night swimming! The water was just the right kind of warm. I imagined myself, yet again, in a KDrama, boiling eggs and moisturizing my skin with the heat that’s coming off the spring. No pictures because it was at night, and right after dipping I fell asleep real quickly, too tired after a day spent on the road.

But I did take a shot the morning after:

Day 2 and 3 in another entry!


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