First rule of An nyoung: Never be ashamed

However an nyoung is really spelled. :))

Whenever I have sleepovers with friends who also watch KDramas, I would always joke that we should watch a series or two. Obviously that silly suggestion would be shrugged off, and a chick flick would always win as most watched genre during girls’ sleepovers.

That is, until Marlo, Joanne, Pia and I started this secret (or not) KDrama Facebook group which we named An nyoung. At first I wasn’t part of the group since they all bonded over My Princess and I haven’t watched it at the time they invited me to the group, but I was glad they still took me in because I discovered why they love My Princess (or Song Seung Hon) so much.

I also discovered that the reason my friends would shrug off a KDrama marathon during sleepovers is because it is VERY time consuming. But last Wednesday, during our first sleepover at Marlo’s place, we really couldn’t care less.

All for the love of Mr. P!

We met at around 4pm in Megamall and window-shopped first around the mall. When we had nothing left to do (Buy an extra face mask? CHECK. Help Jo pick out an eyeliner? CHECK), we headed back to Marlo’s to drop off our stuff, and went out just a while after to eat dinner at a legit Korean diner. Not an expensive one, but the one fit for unemployed women like us who have tight budgets but would still like to enjoy an authentic Korean dining experience nonetheless.

We ended up eating in Kimbap Cheonguk (Kimbap Heaven) Korean Restaurant located at Amber Square, Escriva Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City. (Yes, I copy-pasted that)

(Photos from Marlo and the Internet!)





After eating, we went to Subspace Coffee to drink, well, coffee. (But Jo, like Mr. P of My Princess, drank milk. Pia drank mocha with this cutesy design over it. Too bad Seol’s drawing over that milk is a smiley, not an amoeba…)



Marlo’s. Both the heart and the smiley were self-drawn because we wanted to imitate My Princess so much haha


Pia’s. We were surprised there’s a sun (amoeba!!!) in Pia’s drink but Marlo and Jo had to improvise haha


No picture of my drink because it was a cold cafe latte and it had no special something to it unlike their drinks haha but here’s the marshmallow cake Marlo and I shared. Sarap!


While in Subspace we were imagining ourselves to be in a KDrama. You know how in KDramas, rich, evil stepmoms meet the female protagonists in coffee shops and they ask the women to leave their sons alone in exchange for their money? We were imitating that kind of scene with three pesos instead of millions. I think when we get to Korea (and we plan to!) we’ll be doing more of these scenes, hopefully in the very places the dramas were filmed.

A KDrama lover can dream, can’t she? Haha.

We headed back to begin our My Princess marathon. Before going to the sleepover I have already watched 6 episodes of the drama. We decided to watch the rest of the drama with me so I can finish it during the sleepover! Yey!

In between episodes, however, we pretended to be princesses, with our tiaras and face masks.



While we were still planning the sleepover we swore we’ll sleep the night before so when we get to the sleepover we’ll only sleep for two hours. I, for one, did not do that because I was so caught up with My Princess I ended up sleeping at 3am Wednesday morning. We ended up sleeping at 5am and waking up at around 11am. So much for two hours of sleep!

Mr. P, in all his swoony glory


We still finished the series by 4pm. Jo had to leave earlier than all of us, so I accompanied Marlo and Pia while they had their nails done.

I was probably reading the John Lloyd-Shaina controversy by the time this photo was taken. :))


I realized three things after the sleepover:

1. You need immense dedication if you want a sleepover with a KDrama marathon.

2. Yoon Joo, the female antagonist of My Princess, looks ugly when she smiles. In a way we can say she’s a good actress because we actually hated her the entire time!

3. Song Seung Hon and Kim Tae Hee should totally end up together. Their babies will be angels–angels I tell you!

Street shopping date seems so much more fun and cuter because of these two!




‘Til the next sleepover (and the Korea trip), girls!

PS: the second day of the sleepover was Kim Tae Hee’s birthday! Belated happy birthday unni! You have aged well! :))


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