Lessons from College (for my future self)

I won’t pretend anymore: whenever I see my graduation pictures, pride surges from within me. I am proud to be graduating have graduated from one of the best–if not the best–universities in the Philippines–the same pride Iskos, Thomasians and La Sallians feel about their respective schools (nangdamay pa e ‘no).

The privileges of being an Atenean are endless, but in my mind it has never been about connections, employment, or the perks that come with the name. I am absolutely thankful for the privilege of learning, the privilege of growth, and the privilege of rediscovering God in the most unlikely (and hopeless) places. And for the privilege to love endlessly, to serve selflessly, and to rise and fall gracefully–too many things to thank my Jesuit education for.

This entry has been in my drafts for weeks, and I think no other day can be more timelier to post this than two days after my graduation (this should have been posted on graduation day itself but I was too happy/tired to do so heh). Here are ten (among many) lessons that I learned for the past four years. This is my pabaon for myself, so that when I read back to this entry I will be reminded that I do not (and will never) regret anything.

I do not regret…

  • Choosing Ateneo over UST
  • Staying in Ateneo when I can easily transfer to UP
  • Sticking with my blockmates
  • Taking my Ma’am Chay classes
  • Joining The GUIDON
  • And so on and so forth…

So, here are the top ten lessons I’ll never forget. Thank you, Ateneo. I’ll remember, always, to be Lux-in-Domino.

  1. Bring to the King that which your heart desires, and let Him be in control of everything.
  2. Surround yourself with the right people who will build you up.
  3. It’s okay to be alone.
  4. Love bravely. Fight ’til the very last and never give up.
  5. Grades do not determine your life.
  6. Get away from everything, once in a while.
  7. Never compromise.
  8. Do not envy the ways of the world.
  9. Pursue your dreams with a passion only you would understand.
  10. Never regret anything, ever.

And to top it all off, Jee, here are the people that made your college worth every joy and tear. Don’t ever, ever forget 🙂

Block A

Commute Force One

To the person who took this photo, thank you 🙂

An nyoung 😛



IJ Group ❤


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