The Final Countdown: 29/34

Another momentous day :))

  • Met up Mayel at UP to go to Chocolate Kiss, assuming Jem and Jose will be treating us there.
  • Asa :)) But it’s all good we ate at this cheap place in UP where the food is just around 35-40 pesos. Sulit.
  • We were gonna go eat fishballs and pancit canton at Vinzons when..well..things happened :)) Sorry you guys! It’s my fault I’m so clumsy 😦
  • So I ended up getting treatment in the Ateneo Infirmary, and practicing graduation march limping 😦
  • But it’s all good! Because we ate dinner at this Pizza-All-You-Can place in Maginhawa. I was with Elcee, Pia, Isa and Paolo. Thanks for semi-treating us, King Comm! =))
  • So, to sum it all up, despite getting badly wounded, it was still a good day! 🙂
  • Oh, and I officially knew yesterday that I won’t be graduating with honors, but I’m still grateful! If it was the old me I would have grumbled and ranted and blamed myself, but I’m a changed woman :))


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