The Final Countdown: 25/34

aka Block A Tagaytay Trip Day 1


I was up early because my dad brought me to Petron SLEX, where the rest of the gang from Block A picked me up.

My dad's other baby (I'm the original one haha)

My first receipt from dad, and McDo breakfast

It was a rough morning, and I sensed the tension when I entered the car, but we still enjoyed the trip very much despite a lot of things. Moral of the story, and I tweeted this that morning: Let your yes be yes and your no, no. Otherwise, don’t say anything.

Jom cooked for us the moment we arrived in Tagaytay. We also taught Jom, Dav, Elcee and Zarah how to play Monopoly Deal. We took group photos, and watched Dodgeball. And then we headed out to enjoy the Taal view, and dropped off Dav to catch a bus back to Manila. He had to go before everybody else because he had thesis adviser sign-ups the day after, but he still came despite that.

Afterwards, we ate dinner at Chic-Boy. When we got back, we relaxed and began with our honesty evening, the details of which I can’t tell you because, well, what’s said during honesty evening stays in honesty evening. 🙂

Some photos from my phone:


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