The Final Countdown: 16/34

I was set to do two things today: write a profile, and have a good, long talk with a best friend who is dearly missed. I was able to do the former, but the latter got pushed to next week, when I get back from my silent retreat that I’ll be going to tomorrow.

I also watched episodes of Doctor Who today, and boy am I loving Martha!

But my ‘rents came by tonight just to bring my digicam and tinola for us to eat for dinner. Aren’t they the greatest? Who goes all the way from Laguna to Quezon City just to bring a camera and food to their children? Even if my dad has work at 2AM tomorrow, and my mom, at 7, they went all that way, and I’m sure the camera and the food was just an excuse to see me before I leave for tomorrow. (Opo, feelingera po akong anak, bakit ba?)

Aaah, love my parents so much ❤

So, yeahp, I won’t be updating for the next seven days, but I’ll still take pictures! I’ve been excited for this retreat for weeks now, and I’m excited to get back as well because I know these next seven days will be very memorable to me. 🙂


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