The Final Countdown: 15/34

What a day. I don’t even know how to begin describing it. When I tweeted yesterday that I am not feeling emo yet, I think I jinxed myself (but no, I don’t believe in jinx, so yeah). A swirl of emotions, from especially proud (of finally finishing college), nostalgic (of the four years that came and went by too quick, too soon), grateful (of the people I’ve met and the ones that stayed), happy (of getting to start and finish college seated beside one of the best people in the whole wide world) and finally, sad (because, well, things happened and changed–while I don’t regret them, to be really honest I do miss them).

This is my second favorite professor, Bobby Guev, giving his pabaon to us Batch 2012. I like how he did not attempt to be funny while speaking to us. I think saying goodbye, especially to college, is a very serious thing. It’s like finally warming up to a kabarkada today only to find out he’s leaving for the States tomorrow. It’s like getting your heart broken immediately after you’ve just gathered enough courage to confess. I liked what Bobby Guev said:

No pain is so deep that God is not deeper still.

Masarap maging Atenista dahil masakit maging Atenista.

I think I’ve only understood real pain (and the beauty it masks) during college. And I think I’ve only, completely warmed up to the Ateneo this year, second sem to be exact. And now here I am, 19 days from graduation, and forced to accept that I have to say goodbye to the university that I have finally come to love.

So much words. I won’t force them out today.


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