The Final Countdown: 13/34

My friendship with these two girls go way back high school, way back junior year, and I can’t believe how we’ve all gone this far. Some people either break away from high school friends or totally close their doors to friends other than them. Not us. We all have our own circles of friends outside high school but we never let that get in the way.

After years of many plans that remained plans, we’ve come to realize that our best dates go unplanned. Today, for example, we planned to eat brunch in Festival at 9AM, but we ended up in North Park at SM Muntinlupa, eating lunch past 12. But I always love seeing them, always.

To both of you:ย ‘wag na magpa-late, mahirap na, sige kayo ๐Ÿ˜›

Here are some of the pictures I took today. Food photos c/o Kimiko aka the better food photographer, and the rest were taken by me. I also spent the afternoon in Langgam, playing ten-twenty with kids and sharing God’s Word with the Langgam girls.

My brother preached the Word during the Langgam service, and he talked about Hannah’s story. Her story is one of my favorite Bible stories, and I was teary-eyed when he said this, among other things:

Pag pinili mo ang Diyos, pinipili mo ang tunay na kagalakan.

If you only know how much that means to me. But more of that in another post!


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