The Final Countdown: 12/34

Long but very fun day! I should really bring my camera daily now, since, well, 22 days before graduation (in one and a half hour from the time I’m writing this, 21 days).

Was up really early so I can be first in line during the last day of clearance signing at the Registrar’s Office. I was first alright! Thank you Kai for accompanying me and offering to buy me breakfast. You’re getting sweeter and sweeter as graduation day gets nearer and nearer, ‘ha? 😛

Retreat orientation with my journ best friends:

It was nice getting to “practice” for our silent retreat on the 7th. I think today was also a perfect day to reflect. Here are some of my reflections from today’s Prayer Workshop:

  • I will put my hope in God because He never fails.
  • His unfailing love is better than life itself!
  • There are times when my first response at every encounter with Jesus is to retreat (because I am not worthy), but He draws me back to Him, in reverence and in awe, to gaze and marvel at His beauty and wonder.

LST lunch w/ blockmates:

It’s been ages since I went back to the LST cafeteria, and I went there for lunch with my blockmates Jo and Jom. Felt like sophomore days all over again! I don’t think I’ll ever forget what happened to me that year, in that place, and every happy memory I shared with my block. They’re not a perfect bunch, but I loved them, and I’ve spent some of my most memorable college moments with them (oh yes I did).

Isaw at UP with my college best friends:

But these two have a special in my heart. Tehs forever and ever, because I never had to go through college alone because of both of you ❤



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