The Final Countdown 10/34

So today was spent doing the following:

  • Watching Summer’s Desire, a drama I already dropped a long time ago but decided to pick up again because Huang Xiao Ming’s smile is irresistible. And I’m kind of on a Barbie Hsu high lately (yeahp, finished Meteor Garden in two weeks or less).
  • Eating lunch at KFC with Mayel and Kai, and talking about–what else?–our college love lives. And no, girls, I won’t be writing for an advice column. Because I’ll be writing an entire book about it. CHOS.
  • Helping Carlo with his Philosophy orals. So glad he’s still taking it after what happened to him last Monday.
  • Setting up interviews for the articles I’ve delayed since forever.
  • Getting well. Day 2 of flu, and I don’t intend to stay sick forever, so yeah, leave me alone sickness!

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