[UPDATED] The Final Countdown: 9/34

I carefully planned today: clearance with Pia in the morning, meeting for article with Gett after, and then travel back to Laguna in the afternoon. But plans got ruined because I got sick last night. I felt so bad I can’t get up in the morning.. Instead, I spent the morning cleaning our place, and then going to school for clearance in the afternoon.

I shouldn’t let people ruin my day, especially when they’re not even aware they’re ruining it. This is why I wanna go home already.

Last night, as I was on my way home, I got an e-mail about our Philosophy final oral exam grades. You all know I messed up, so I was really nervous when I got that e-mail. I even went back to school just to check the grades posted outside the department because I can’t open the file attached to the e-mail.

Long story short, the Lord just surprised me with a treat: I still got a satisfactory grade for an orals that went bad. I don’t know what happened or why, but I just trust that His favor is always, always upon me.

Grabe, wala pa ring kupas ang Diyos ko. :’)


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