The Final Countdown: 5/34

Pia and I only came up with study dates this semester, and it’s an understatement to say that we regret not coming up with study dates since…since we’ve been best friends and blockmates! Sure, as thesismates we sort of study-dated whenever we write our paper, but this one’s different. We get to disturb each other in between reviews for orals and, well, we love that ;P

Today we stayed in our favorite study date place, Saint’s Alp. We both reviewed for our Philo orals: hers, tomorrow morning, and mine, on Monday afternoon. We’re both just two subjects away from undergrad academic freedom!

But because I’m still a CBTL loyalist this is what I ate for the day. Oh, and KFC too 😛 (Don’t worry, Pia ordered at Saint’s Alp. Di naman makapal mukha namin haha)

Elcee came a little later in the afternoon. She’s almost free too–only one subject away. We ate dinner at Sisig Hooray. We talked for a while about college life, and the pepper in the air made her cry (pepper daw haha). Blue Roast, graduation mass, graduation, at mga lakad na ‘di dati natutuloy ngunit kailangan nang ituloy ngayon dahil kapag magtatapos ka, ganun ang gagawin mo. Gagawin mo ang lahat.

I think these last two subjects (plus tons of articles to write!) are the only things keeping me from getting sentimental, now that graduation is already fast approaching. Today for example, was the last day for paying our library fees. On Monday, I can already start clearance-signing. And for the coming days I’d be busy going out with friends, writing articles I promised I’ll write, and, well, figuring out my future.

So much to do, and yes, exactly one month from now, I’ll be graduating.

I think this entry came a little too early so I’d postpone my sentiments for another day. After all, there’s still this Doctor Who paper that needs to be written, and that Philo orals that needs to be reviewed for.

Let’s save the excitement and anxiety for a later entry.

[\ <- half done? haha] COMMUNICATION 108.2
[\ <- half done? haha] PHILOSOPHY 103


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