PHOTODUMP: “Come and Walk with Me in the Field of Grace!”

Last Sunday was my church’s 14th anniversary. Can you believe it? 14 years of God’s faithfulness, goodness, and mercy! Most importantly, God’s love has been overwhelming this community of believers for 14 strong years already! I can only stand in amazement to that! Here are some of the photos from that lovely day! Our theme was 80’s inspired because of the guest band, East Drive, that rocked the house after the celebration!

Program proper:

Anniversary preaching by Senior Pastor Resty Yanga

Photo c/o Hannah | Your host for the afternoon session!

Photo c/o Hannah Rivera | Langgam performance of an original song

Leila's ballet performance of "Worthy is the Lambl'

Christian performing a spoken word he just wrote the night before. What is legit.

Photo c/o Hannah Rivera | Kasiglahan dance performance

Photo c/o Hannah Rivera | The SOULDja Boys (yes lame haha) performing their original song, "Untitled"

Our resident Kari Jobe, Chriselle!

Photo c/o Hannah Rivera | The main act, East Drive Band!

Photo c/o Hannah Rivera | And everyone in the house is dancing!

Photos of people (but mostly, of me haha)

And the pursuit of the perfect profile pic begins!

Photo c/o Hannah Rivera | Nope, not quite. But this picture sums up that day = HAPPINESS!

Photo c/o Hannah Rivera | DI PA RIN PACUTE KA

OK NA SANA KASO PHOTOBOMBED HUHU pero love kita Kuya Mark so okay lang

Photo c/o Hannah Rivera | PERFECT!

Photo c/o Hannah Rivera | Girls minus Hannah (photographer), Tin and Betsy!

Photo c/o Hannah Rivera | Selle, Me, Kate, and Ilka

Minsan ko lang tawaging gwapo ang kuya ko, pero 'pag ginawa ko, I mean it 🙂

One of the prettiest girl friends I have! BESHfriends forever!! ❤

BF = Both Fierce 😀

Photo c/o Hannah Rivera | Three is ❤ "Love never fails!"

That’s about it! This is the year of God’s grace that will overflow to the people around me. I can see it, feel it, and I absolutely anticipate it. Lord, let Thy will be done in and through me, and among your people from this community!

We love You, but You always, always loves us more. ❤


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