Here’s to the future that is at hand

Can I just say: Despite the crazies of the last stretch of my college life, I am absolutely enjoying it. Yesterday, as I said in my previous entry, I went to a photowalk day with my journalism buddies. Here are some of my shots from the trip:





And then there’s our inner jeje-ness:



I like this photo of me taken by Kai. So much happiness written on my face (although I’m squinting because the sun’s too bright).

So that was yesterday! Today, Kai and I went to the office to get our first wage. To say that we were happy is an understatement! Not because we can see the fruits of our labor in monetary form, but because we’ve been together since yesterday, so of course we’ve been talking about the journalism life after college. We’re not sure about many things, but what we’re sure of is that:

  1. we will be working for a news publication, whether that be online or print
  2. the footwork and the trips from points A to B will be tiring
  3. we will be writing stories that we feel strongly about, stories that we will passionately pursue
  4. we love our job
  5. and the pay is just secondary to the fulfillment of finding and writing stories

I think this love for journalism won’t die down ever. Personally, everyday I find countless reasons why I love this work and why I see myself doing it ’til forever. A while back, I was waiting in the Communication Department when I browsed through a magazine from the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism. I thought to myself: I want to write. I want to write for this. I want to write compelling stories. I want to write!

I’ve come to realize that it is an everyday decision to discover and rediscover my love for writing. Sure, there are days I don’t want to get up and conduct interviews, but I wake up for days like yesterday and today–days when my feet can’t stay put but my heart is still.

Exactly two months from now, I’ll be graduating. And exactly two months from now, God will be using me–skills, gifts, talents, and passion included–to revive the passion of youth for Christ.

Here’s to the future that is at hand. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Here’s to the future that is at hand

  1. I wake up for days like yesterday and today–days when my feet can’t stay put but my heart is still. –> ganda 🙂

    To idealism and trust that all will be well. Kakayanin natin ‘to 🙂

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