The Beloved: Kimiko Rato

Life is beautiful in that, when you least expect it (for instance, just your ordinary junior year in high school), you meet someone special, someone significant. But at the first hellos and the first attempts for small talk, you didn’t know it yet:

That person will stay in your life forever.

That’s exactly who Kimiko is for me. Coming from a small school in the province, where everyone can connect the names to the faces, I knew exactly who the girl they call Kimiko is. Aside from the unique-sounding name she has, I was also classmates with her back in 5th grade. With an extremely short hair and an awkward physique just like mine, you can’t mistaken her chinky eyes for another.

But that was all there is to it. She was, to me, just another face in the crowd. Another girl, who, like me, wanted to survive school in peace. Fifth grade went by pretty fast, actually. I do not recall any other special memories of that year (other than meeting my best friend Deb, but that’s another story).

Then came junior year. I don’t remember the events that lead to it, or the specificities of the day itself, but it just happened: we called each other Bheb. No, we weren’t best friends yet. We had our own set of best friends, and we lived in our own, separate worlds. But we also shared a world together (and yes, I am sounding pretty cheesy already haha). Ephesians, 8ies, 3 Years, Calendar, Ham, Hands [and all the other codenames I can’t recall no more since they’re so many!]–that year really was one of the best times I’ve had in high school, nay, in my entire student life even. And she was part of it.

Things lie lowed a bit when we weren’t senior year classmates anymore. There’s something about being stuck in a roomful of 29 different others for one whole school year. At first you are forced to accept them, and then eventually you realize it’s not actually bad to be spending every recess-lunch-recess together. We had that when we were in third year, and though we tried, we did kind of lost it during senior year. Sure, we were just one floor away, and we did say our hi’s and hello’s whenever we can, but it wasn’t the same.

Now here’s a pivotal turn of events, and reader (especially if you are the one we least expect to be reading this), this is my first time speaking of these things here or anywhere else in the world wide web. Consider yourself privileged, although really, I’m only writing here to please one person alone.


It all began with a heartbreak. Not mine, but hers. I was best friends with a guy she used to like, and my friendship with Kimiko skyrocketed from there onward. I played bridge for the two of them, cheering them on, and praying for them. Of course, as I said, it was a heartbreak, so obviously things did not work out. But as I now know Kimiko all too well, I know this story really isn’t as important anymore to her as I make it seem to be. She has long since moved on and I’m sure she’s very happy now.

But that part of her life is really memorable to me because I got to know her more during that season. It wasn’t smooth sailing, being friends with her and all, but what we have is very special. It is a friendship that will last a lifetime, even ’til eternity.

And as you know it, she became my best friend. It was a funny twist of fate, because that guy just faded into the background, not because I don’t like him, but because we’re really not meant to be best friends anymore. Still, I have to thank him. Because of him, I have Kimiko in my life right now, and this is one of those times when you say to yourself: there really is a silver lining in every cloud.

And she’s the kind of best friend a girl could hope for. Someone you can call late at night just so you can rant. Someone who will make time for you when you need her. Someone who will tell you the absolute truth right in front of your face–painful it may be–and still love you so much despite it all. She’s that kind of girl.

Told you she’s special ;P

I wrote this blog two days before her birthday, queuing it to be posted at exactly midnight of January 14. On her birthday I might not get to greet her because I’m out on immersion, so dear reader, do pass her this message. Please tell her I wrote good things about her because it’s her birthday, and on birthdays you tell lovely truths about the celebrant.

There’s so much I can say about this girl. That she’s dearly loved and highly favored by a King who is also her Father. That she’s a great friend/sister/best friend/daughter. That she’s inspiring because of her faith and her determination to always finish what she started. That, though she may be a little vain and maarte (self-proclaimed truths, ladies and gentlemen),

I still love her.

Happy Birthday, Bheb! 2012 will be our year. Looking forward to a wonderful year with you, wonderful woman of God!


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