Jee’s Year-End Review Part 2/2: A Letter to My 2012 Self

Hi Jee.

First, I want to congratulate you for coming out of 2011 alive, kicking and smiling. Look how far you’ve come! It has been one heck of a ride, but you’ve arrived safely. Gotta give credit to your Father Up There. If it wasn’t for Him you wouldn’t be reading this blog with a new-found hope for life, for love, and for everything in between.

Your 2011, if we sum it up in one word, was messy. Half of the time, you were all over the place. Lost, hopeless, but keeping on, if only because of hypocrisy. But like what I said up there, you came out a winner. And if you’re smiling widely right now–in love with life and all its great possibilities, with God, with your family and friends, or with a special someone even–I hope you would remember what you’ve gone through a year ago. I know you’ve already forgiven, but I hope you never forget. Because it is with the memories that you learn and grow.

I also hope you would let your heart heal completely first. There is life out there, and love awaits you in a season only God can tell. Wait on God, but I’m sure I need not tell you that anymore since you’ve practically told yourself that phrase ten thousand times over back in 2011.

This is the year you graduate from college, and the beginning of an exciting chapter of your life. You’ve seen God’s promises in your life start happening right before your eyes last year; it continues this year. Grab only the opportunities that God opened for you and shut everything else that aren’t from Him. Do not be like the world, opting for the trial-and-error process ’til they get it right. No. That’s not for you, God’s princess.

You are set apart, and you know it. You are loved not only by so many wonderful people around you, but also by the King of kings Himself. Rejoice in that, and take heart. Because 2012 will be a great year of harvest for you in so many ways. Don’t take risks; rather, do only what God sees fit. One of the great tragedies of humans is to believe that learning only comes from committing mistakes, that’s why they go around doing what they see fit, trusting that if what they do ends up to be nothing but trash, they’d learn from it. Again, that’s not for you, God’s princess,

You know better. You know that God will uphold you to walk on the right path. Yes Beloved, you know with Him and in Him, you can never go wrong. But only if you will listen to Him carefully, and with a submissive, humbled heart. I know you’ve grown so much because of college, but life after college will be tougher. Expect much pruning and refining–and it will be painful–but expect also to come out strong.

Because you are a strong woman, Jee, and you don’t need an assurance from someone else to know that. One of 2011’s greatest lessons for you was to never put your hope in men who will fail you. I hope where you are right now, you’ve already learned the art of enjoying the company of people without necessarily needing them.

While we’re quite sure the world’s not ending in 2012 just yet, I hope you’d still remember that another year is another opportunity to grow in the Lord. Whatever your ministry may be, I pray that your relationship with God and His love for you would so overflow to these ministries and to the people you would fellowship with. He has began a great work in your life, and He is faithful to finish what He started. Hold on to your seat, Jee: it will be a bumpy yet exciting ride, and it’s all gonna be worth it.

Thank you for loving yourself more and putting up with your own crazies. When you do meet that Mr. God’s Best we’ve been talking about for years–and if you do meet him this year–do tell him about me, your 2011 self. Tell him I was crazy, fragile, hopeless, and hands-down pathetic. But don’t forget to add that I got saved by a Love so strong.

But c’mon, who are we kidding? Of course you don’t have to tell him that last part; he should have known (and should have experienced) that Love before you even meet him. Just go on and tell him that it was because you were me that you met him. And it was also because He is God that your roads have met.

However, I doubt you’d meet him this year. Don’t worry, I’ll pray real hard with you.

As I write this, I’m about to take my final bow, so I hope you’d do a far better job than me. I know you’d make for a better Jee, and I trust you to take over things from here on. One final advice, though, and don’t you forget this:

Let God love you, because His love is more than enough.

With hope and much gratitude,
Your 2011 Self


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