Smiles and Promises X

Kai, Mayel and Jem | Oblation Run 2011

Probably one of the best classes I’ve taken as an Atenean is my current Liberation Theology class with Bobby Guevarra. In our class last Thursday, we were talking about the Genesis story and what the original sin really meant. He said that hard work will only be laborious and painful for those who do not choose the work they’re doing.

In the same way, for those who choose to do what they’re doing, it may be hard, but in the end it is fulfilling and satisfying.

Then the LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it.

(Genesis 2:15)

I realized how blessed I am to be working on articles and stories months before I graduate. To be trusted is one of the best feeling there is, and to do your best not to break that trust, one must work very hard. And in the end, it’s gonna be worth it.

It is indeed worth it 🙂

PS: You all can read my story about the Oblation Run, which I wrote with Kai, HERE.


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