An Exciting Checklist

[X] Starbucks date with Paul
[X] Chocolate Kiss Moshi Moshi date with Mayel and Kai
[X] Gravy Fix + Dairy Queen + January Story Conference with News Staff
[ ] Under the Stars (WANTED! A date! Preferably cuter than the stars. CHOS!)
[ ] The GUIDON Christmas Party
[X] Langgam with BF
[X] Paskuhan
[X] CRC Christmas Party
[X] Yanga Christmas Eve Party
[X] Boot Camp
[X] New Year
[X] Praxis Immersion
[X] CRC’s 14th Anniversary
[X] Hot Air Balloon Fiesta @ Clark Pampanga with The GUIDON friends
[X] Senior’s Silent Retreat
[X] Blue Roast
[X] Graduation :>


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