People First

And no, Fitness First, fitness will never be first in my priority list. I’d rather die fat than die alone >:P

The last few weeks (including this one, which isn’t even finished yet!) have been really one for the books, and I can’t even keep myself from writing this entry when I should be fixing my practicum portfolio instead (Draft: November 30, 2011).

But whatever. When you have something to be thankful for, don’t wait ’til you have free time to say your gratitude. Never let ‘being busy’ get in the way of friendships and thanksgiving. Believe me, because I really know.

If I haven’t stressed it enough yet, I really enjoyed my UP visits last week with Elcee and Pia. Those get-togethers were already enough to complete my week, but God just keeps out-loving me that I can’t do anything anymore but just thank Him for His goodness! Because the weekend after was just as fun and as memorable: Ilka and Ate Lysha went all the way to Laguna to minister to the Langgam youth. But before that, we stayed in this coffee shop I’ve been wanting to go to since forever: Breeks.

Reminder to self: What were you thinking when you wanted to go to Breeks anyway? =))

November 26, 2011

November 29, 2011

Last week, Kai messaged me on Facebook and invited me to this stargazing event in Ateneo. I was thrilled because (1) IT’S STARGAZING, WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?! (2) IT’S STARGAZING WITH FRIENDS, WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?!

I’ve always had this gaya-gaya dream of having someone name a star after me ala-A Walk to Remember. Mr. Romantic, where you at? Haha! But seriously, that was one of the highlights of this week. We even lighted lanterns and watched them fly high in the sky–it was so beautiful, I felt like I was in a movie or something. Before that, Kai, my other friend Janna and I stayed at Bellarmine Field and talked about the future, silence, and stars as Kai’s guitar instrumentals played in the background.

Shot by Janna | Lanterns in Bel Field

November 30, 2011

The day after, the Yanga-Geronimo family went shopping at Greenhills. We came early (8:30 am!) and it wasn’t open yet so we stayed at Krispy Kreme first. After shopping, we ate at this restaurant that served by far the best Filipino cuisine I have ever tasted, Bangus. Don’t be fooled by the name! If in the future I’ll be bringing non-existent foreign friends  to a restaurant that serves the best of Pinoy dishes, I won’t bring them to Gerry’s Grill. I’d bring them to Bangus, no questions asked.

After lunch, Ate Lysha and I left the rest of the family to meet Camille at SM Megamall. The last time I was there (May 2010), I was also with the two of them.

Camille was kind of late, so to pass time, Ate Lysha and I roamed around the busy shop of Forever 21 to see if I could buy something with my P500.

(I could, but it wasn’t the best in there. Also, for a first-timer, I think that brand’s overrated. Just saying :P)

Camille arrived an hour later, and we stayed at Starbucks to catch up + get our pasalubongs from Camille’s Korea trip + interview Camille for an article I’m working on. We ate at Kenny’s afterwards and spotted a cute guy who they said looked like one of Camille’s crushes.

Coffee + food + fangirling + guy-spotting = Perfect BFF date!

I realized I’ve been spending so much quality time with people, and the Lord’s reminding me to spend time with Him too. Yes Lord. Because You have blessed me with these wonderful people, I shall go straight to You, the Spring of Life and dwell in there, in Your presence.

It has always been great to be alive, and we just really have to see the love everywhere. :’)


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