Vote for Deb Victa! (The 2011 Edition)

Remember her? So she joined another contest, and I’m asking my few blog readers to vote for her. Please! It won’t take so much of your time, promise! In addition, she’s also hosting a giveaway in relation to this contest, so if you wanna win it, you gotta vote for her! Here’s what you have to do:

1. LIKE Deb Victa’s Facebook page.

(Siyempre pumepeysbuk page ka na Besh :P)

2. REGISTER online at

3. VOTE for her photo AND COMMENT on the photo on the voting page itself.

(Sabi nya, you must vote and comment at the same time, so pagkaboto pa lang, komento agad. Intiyendes?)

4. Reblog this post AND share the photo on your social media (facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.) Please post as a comment to her original BLOG ENTRY the link to your reblogged post after you’ve already voted; and for the shared links on facebook/twitter, post a screenshot on the fan page.

(So bale, you have to repost her original blog post and link your repost on the comment box of her original blog post, and screenshot your posts on other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook and post the pictures on her fan page. Pero dahil ‘di naman ako sasama sa giveaway nya, I’m just posting this because I love her!)

Simple ng instructions ‘no? Kaya vote na! Ay wait, may terms and conditions pa!

Terms and Conditions:

1. The prizes will only be available if she actually makes it to the TOP 20, SO EVERY VOTE COUNTS! 😀 Please do remember that Solo actually averages the score, so even if you voted, but only clicked 1 Star it would really reflect on the total average of the photo.

2. If she does make it to the top 20, she will only begin considering votes/comments after the final decision has been made and the polls close on November 30.

3. In the event that she doesn’t make it to the top 20, the prizes will be considered null and void. SO GO GO GO 😀

4. THERE WILL ONLY BE 1 WINNER for this contest. Regardless if you’re a boy or a girl. The winner will receive ONE (1) ITEM of their choice from the Solo Collection.

5. Contestants are allowed to enter multiple times to increase their chances of winning. 😀 (You’d have to make multiple accounts, though — meaning multiple screenshots and post of your entries (except for blog entries) to prove your eligibility to join)

6. The winner will be selected at random through a random name/number generator.

7. Contest is open internationally 🙂 However, since this isn’t a sponsored giveaway, she wouldn’t be able to pay for the shipping fee. [aka: you’d have to chip in for it] 😦 If you’re iffy about this, then she suggests you should refrain from joining. However, in case your interested and you win, you can negotiate with Deb when all is said and done 🙂

So I did kind of copy+pasted her blog post. Vote vote vote! 🙂


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