Deb, Happy All Saints’!

SYEMPRE JOKE LANG ANOBER. Happy birthday to the lovely Deborah Victa, my high school best friend for 10 freaking years!

Ten years. Can you believe it? I know we haven’t been the closest since college happened, and contrary to popular belief I did slightly had tampo of our years apart. In four years in the Ateneo, how often have we hanged out? I’m sure I can count them on my fingers. But I said did because di na ako nagtatampo. I know that distance notwithstanding, we still remember each other in prayers, and unlike many friends out there, we’ll still be friends ’til eternity!

The distance, however, really made the heart grow fonder. I am missing you very much! There are many stories to be told–of victories and defeat alike–and I know somehow, before we graduate again (for the third time since elementary!!), we’ll find time to catch up. We will, right?

Birthday girl, I pray for nothing but the best for you. Not surprisingly, the Lord is blessing you tremendously. I pray that whatever season you are in right now, He is in the center of it, and that His grace may be sufficient for you. I am really learning the beauty of grace in my life’s own season, so I pray that you, too, may embrace it with a humbled heart and a life that is willing to be surrendered to His will and His will alone.

I know the future may be uncertain for you, like it will be for me and for the rest of us soon-to-be college graduates, but I know that you will have the courage to face it because you are God’s Beloved. You truly are loved, and I hope the people around you (including me) will express God’s love for you in ways unimaginable.

This is getting lengthy, so to cut it short and to keep it sweet, I leave with you a verse to ponder on. I pray that you may feel His overwhelming and unrelenting love for you today and for the rest of your 20th year! Blessings!

“Is not the LORD your God with you? And has He notgiven you rest on every side? For He has given the inhabitants of the land into my hand, and the land is subdued before the LORD and before His people. Now set your heart and your soul to seek the LORD.”

(1 Chronicles 22:18-19)

PS: We seriously need to take more pictures together. These photos date back 2009 pa!


3 thoughts on “Deb, Happy All Saints’!

  1. I love you, Betchay! Wag ka na tapururut. ❤ ❤ You know yer my closest friend 'til forever. I'm actually very thankful for our friendship, na though I don't get to see you often, I know and trust that you'll be someone I can run to when kinakaain na ng problema ko yung panty ko. :)) HAHA OKAY ANG BABOY PAKINGGAN, PERO GETS? :))

    I love you oh so much! Thanks for the 10 frikkin beautiful years :*

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