WeBLOG: Chopsticks Mo, Ineng

New feature! I’ve always been very vocal about my love for blogging. I started blogging for fun since who-knows-when, but the declaration of love was only set in stone when I actually maintained a blog for over a year. Before I discovered Multiply in 2006, my blogging journey was composed of various angst-y and short-lived blogs, from Blogdrive to Xanga and Blogger. Trust me, I almost tried them all (save for LiveJournal, of course!)

So when I lasted a year in Multiply, I was hyped! It was the Facebook back then, when Friendster was already falling apart, what with the commenting replacing the testimonials feature of the said website. Before Facebook killed Multiply, and up until now, I’ve always believed in Multiply. Believe it or not, I still blog there ;P (And my site, confusedyethoping, turned five last October 20! Hoorah! I’m a proud mom *tears*)

But I decided I need to take blogging to a higher level. So in July 1 of last year, I decided to make this blog. And it has been a great companion ever since. I like how it is now: public, but not so much; personal, but not so much. Complicated, yes.

Anyway!!! So, to celebrate the art of blogging, and how I think it will still be alive and kicking long after Facebook gets kicked in the arse by a new competitor, I begin this new series. I’ll be featuring my favorite blogs which I follow and adore and recommend them to you guys! I know I myself do not have that much following, so do know that I do this for fun.

Three cheers for blogging!

I remember when we had a conversation about blog names. During that time, she wanted to change her current blog name (mhiksnmatch) to something else. She wanted a unique ring to it, something that was very her. She asked me for suggestions, but since I can’t come up with anything good, she ended up thinking about it herself. And it was not surprising that she came up with a very interesting one: Chopsticks Mo, Ineng.

She is Kimiko Rato, one of the most talented gals that has ever graced our planet. She is half-Filipino, half-Japanese (thus, the new blog name), but everything about her shouts ‘Pinay ako!’ She is an Industrial Design student, a photographer, and a Thomasian. I decided to feature her blog because today marks the day she opens it to the public! Gotta raise her blog hits ‘coz she deserves it haha.

Shmexy inside and out 🙂

What I love about her blog is how personal she has maintained it over the years. She started it in 2008, when she was finding herself in the Land of the Rising Sun. From then, ’til now, her blogging style has not changed. She blogs for the sake of blogging, and not for the hits or for the readers. It’s so reminiscent because that was me when I was still in Multiply! I don’t miss that old me, but I sure miss reading blogs like that.

Her blog is hosted by Blogger, so if you like spontaneous, surprise-me blogs, hers is definitely one of them. She changes layouts every so often, but be warned: she is always, almost drawn to layouts that are colored pink.

Her posts are also not pretentious, not at all. If she’s sad, she does not pretend to be happy. If she’s happy, her blog overflows with joy. If anything, she has kept her blog alive and lively because of her complete honesty. If you’re clueless about her mood for the day, check her blog for hints: maybe your virtual hug is all she needs to brighten up her day.

So to the best friend high school gave me, here’s a small act of love! I know it’s not your birthday yet, but if this one’s already bongga for you, then wait ’til it’s January! I love you, Bhebang!


3 thoughts on “WeBLOG: Chopsticks Mo, Ineng

  1. Wait, can I cry? :’| Okey, kahit one tear lang please? :”) Hahahaha, I already love you so why do you keep on making me kilig? :”) HAHA!

    Bheb, thank you so much! Thank you for giving the accurate words for everything, always. I didn’t really know that I blog like that. Because I have this question in mind about my blog entries. But since you pointed out something, I already know the answer. And again, thank you. 🙂 Many hugs for you my dear! You’re my inspiration in blogging forever, and that’s true. 🙂

    I love you!

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