On Waiting, The Stoplight Edition

As I was on my way home from teaching the CRC Langgam youth voice and piano lessons, the jeepney my nephew and I were riding passed by a defective stoplight. It was working, but only the yellow light kept blinking. And it kept blinking and blinking until it was already out of sight.

If the driver was to be totally obedient, he would have slowed down. But it was already ten in the evening–of course the streets were already clear enough for overspeeding to take place.

I realized that stoplight was very much similar to my life right now. God has placed me in the season of wait, My child, not yes or no.

Just hang on a little there, Lovely. I’m working on you. Can’t you see? Nothing with Me is ever an accident. There is a purpose for now, for right here. Now let go of the what ifs; be still

If I will be totally obedient (and God is calling me to be so), then I will patiently wait on what’s to come. Nothing is certain; who knows, I might be stuck waiting for the light to turn green for years–or forever even! But at least I know where I am in Him. I know to Whom I belong.

And with Him, the yellow light can blink ’til whenever. The road is empty, anyway. No rush; I have decided to take my sweet, sweet time.


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