PHOTODUMP: Fully-Booked

Short update on my life aka SEMBREAK in bullet points:

  • I started jogging again. Yey?
  • Took up a film-watching challenge
  • Currently watching In Time With You, Drunken to Love You, and Material Queen one episode per day. Should I pick up Sunshine Angel too?

Thoughts: VERY PROMISING. Best friends-turned-lovers? Always a good thing in my book :>

I submitted this to Taiwanese Drama Confessions. 'Nuff said.

Thoughts: Vanness is enough to keep me watching =P~

  • Watching dramas at day, and movies at night. So much for reading more books! 😦
  • Plan to develop my habit of reading the Bible and praying longer than I usually do. God deserves more. Vacation is perfect time to form a habit.
  • Been going to Langgam every afternoon-evening to teach the youth how to play instruments. This week though, we’ve been practicing for the second anniversary’s special number. (Read: EVERYTHING)
  • Tomorrow, I plan to get a student’s license to drive. I. WILL. LEARN. DRIVING. THIS. SEMBREAK.
  • Been teaching my nephew Kenneth some basics on Photography. I know I’m no expert, but he’s a fast learner. I end up my post with his photos. Look:



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