Gotta love AB Comm ’12!

For the past four months, we the Communication seniors of Ateneo squeezed our brains for creative juices and translated them into our thesis papers. For our course, we were given the choice to work on our thesis paper in groups or on our own. We can also choose between a research thesis and a project thesis.

My best friends/thesismates and I decided to do a research thesis paper, and I don’t regret choosing that path. However, some of our batchmates did project thesis, and this post is to celebrate and support Ateneo AB Comm ’12! I’m still amazed with everyone’s output, and yes, I am proud to be a Communication major forever and ever and ever!

Indie Know 

Stories from the Sidelines


Passport to Metro Manila

Will add more here, especially those short films I’m excited to watch myself! GOTTA LOVE COMM!


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