So here’s what’s new with my tehsis journey:

  • Friday last week (September 23), we already submitted our defense-ready drafts. Our babies!
  • Last Monday (September 26) I camped out at Xocolat to study our thesis word per word, by heart, for our thesis defense Wednesday that week.
  • Tuesday, the day Pedring hit the Philippines, my groupmates and I were supposed to practice for defense, but the storm obviously did not allow us to do so.

Come Wednesday, THE DAY. I came to school in my defense clothes (a white long sleeves and my favorite slacks). I still had to attend two classes prior to our defense schedule. When I met up with the girls, we were all smiling nervously: “TEHSISIT. FINALLY!” We practiced together, bought the panelists food (water and Bo’s Coffee brownies), and last-minute panicked because we did not get tissues for the panelist from Bo’s. Big problem, huh?

By this time we were still clueless who our other panelists will be. We know Sir Andrew Ty already signed up. Only the other group in our class who defended ahead of us informed us Sir Sev Sarmenta was our other panelist.


Obviously a Photoshop n00b :))

Here’s the rest of the story, from my conversation with my best friends Camille and Ate Lysha:

So ang nakuha kong panelists, sila lang naman yung dalawang nanakot during our Thesis Plenary, kesyo they walk out daw or they get bored. So nagstart na, 10 minutes for presentation, 30 minutes for Q and A, tapos nung nagppresent ako (first presentor) nanginginig pa ako. Tapos, nag-nnod sila parehas habang nagppresent, pero somehow they look…bored? Ewan ko ba haha wala naman kasing gimick yung presentation namin. Tapos nung Q&A na, NAKAKATUWA kasi puro technical questions lang! The first thing they said: May potential yung amin, pero we have to refine our focus. We focused on so much daw, pero lahat daw andun na sa paper namin.
Bale we’re just re-writing our paper para mas clear, wala nang need to gather more information. Gusto nila yung topic kasi daw it’s “The future of Marketing” and maganda yung insights na dinala nung thesis namin, pero para daw hindi malito yung mga magbabasa, ayusin lang. di nila sure kung ang focus namin e on Bloggers or on the Audience, kasi parang ni-touch namin lahat ng aspects haha!

Eun powhz. We just need to revise and rewrite, then we’re good to go! God is very good. He is really faithful to those He loves. We have yet to celebrate (BANAPPLE!!!! OR SOMETHING) but at least we overcame, and we’re still alive and kicking.

Facebook status after defense:

YOU outshine the sun, faithful God. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, forever faithful You are ♥♥♥

Thank You. I won’t stop saying thank You. :’)


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