My Tuesday started at 11PM

Work-wise, at least.

When I woke up today and found out that there’s no classes (hi Pedring >:| ),  I went immediately back to sleep. I realized I have the entire day to write papers for my Philosophy class and prepare for our thesis defense tomorrow. A little sleep won’t hurt, I thought, so off to dreamland I went.

Only, when I woke up, a Manila-wide blackout decided to ruin my plans. That meant: no way to cook food (electric stove), to heat water (microwave, and electric food), to write papers (laptop’s battery died a month or so ago, heavily reliant on electricity), and to prepare for thesis defense (can’t go out and practice with thesis mates, can’t pull of studying when the lights and fans were out and the rains and winds were scary to begin with).

So, yes, you figured right: I wasn’t the least bit productive today. In fact, instead of actually starting my papers and defense preparation right now I’m writing this entry. Because all I did the entire day was eat, read a book and my Bible, and sleep. But when the electricity came back at 4pm today, I still can’t work. I had to think of my roommates’ (my brother and my cousin) preference; imagine, they slept the hours away until everything went back to normal–of course they’d want to watch television.

And I can’t work when it’s noisy.

They only turned off the television at 11pm tonight, and I’m writing this entry not because I’m complaining but because I’m thankful that we were all safe here, boredom aside. We did not see our roof flying to different directions. We didn’t have to worry about where to evacuate to amidst the heavy rains. We were safe and secure. But many Filipinos out there were suffering while I was just passing up time, waiting for the electricity to bring my productivity back.

I wanted to sleep early tonight since it’s our thesis defense tomorrow already, but there are papers to be written and lines to be memorized. I might sleep late tonight, but I’m thankful because the Lord has once again kept me safe in His hands. I may be too worn out for tomorrow’s thesis defense, but at least I’m still alive, right? At least I’m still breathing, yes?

Ok. Tuesday starts now.


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