Alone (And Not Lonely, No)

"All alone! Whether you like it or not, alone will be something you'll be quite a lot."

I submitted this photo for my Basic Photography class. I always cringe whenever Thursday happens because of this class. It’s fun, but it’s nerve-wracking because your classmates may vote your work as the “least best” or in short, the loser photograph.

Given, I didn’t get the most votes as the best photo, but I especially like this photo among the rest of my photos for that class. The caption was the line I chose to interpret, and when I realized what it meant, it just dawned on  me: He was bringing his cause to the streets alone, but he isn’t lonely.

Alone doesn’t have to be lonely. I was tempted to interpret the line with a black and white I-am-emo-and-alone way, but I think this is a better way of putting the message across: I am alone, and I’m doing this alone, but I know I’m still being heard. I know I still matter. And I know my little voice is being considered. This is my way of changing the world. I might be alone, but I’m relevant, significant, and running. Running towards that goal. Running towards what I want. Alone, but moving. Alone, but here. Here. Now.

It is good to be alive. :’)


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